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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What made Lionel Jones a wealthy man?
(a) The life insurance and estates from his dead wives.
(b) Sales of his newspaper.
(c) The success of two products he invented.
(d) His chain of funeral homes.

2. Which description does NOT apply to Lionel Jones?
(a) Radio talk show host.
(b) Owner of a fake divinity school.
(c) Inventor.
(d) Failed dental student.

3. The Blue Fairy Godmother tells the narrator that to do his job right, he will have to:
(a) Commit high treason.
(b) Convince everyone he is Jewish.
(c) Kill his best friend.
(d) Earn the trust of the leader of a white supremacist group.

4. What is the White Christian Minuteman?
(a) The name of an old Boston tavern.
(b) The name of a marble statue in front of a historic church.
(c) A member of a group of private citizens who patrol the U.S.'s southern border.
(d) An anti-Semitic, anti-Negro, anti-Catholic publication.

5. Arpad Kovacs despises Jews who did not do what?
(a) Help settle the new nation of Israel.
(b) Fight back.
(c) Escape from Europe when they had the chance.
(d) Convert to Christianity.

Short Answer Questions

1. Andor Gutman explains that "Sonderkommando" means "special detail." What horrific "special detail" did Andor Gutman say members of the Sonderkommando had to perform?

2. What is the surprise that Rev. Jones and his entourage present to the narrator?

3. What sport did the narrator and Heinz Schildknecht play together?

4. Andor Gutman tells the narrator that music played through the loud speakers all day long at the prison camp, but was occasionally interrupted by the phrase, "Leichentrager zu Wache." What does "Leichentrager zu Wache" mean?

5. Where does the narrator first see the woman he thinks is Helga when they are reunited?

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