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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 34-36.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator mean when he says, "alles kaput"?
(a) Wirtanen's revelation has wiped away his illusions of a friend, a mistress, and a dream.
(b) When he is arrested and knows he will be turned over to Israeli agents.
(c) His reaction when he returns to his home to find it completely ransacked.
(d) His gun misfires and he knows it will never work again.

2. How does the narrator get money to live on while hiding in New York?
(a) By writing articles for The White Christian Minuteman.
(b) From the interest earned on an inheritance left to him by his parents.
(c) By selling chess sets he carves from wood.
(d) By selling valuables he had stolen from Germans during the war.

3. What "gift" does Frank Wirtanen say that the narrator and George Kraft have in common?
(a) The things they did during the war don't bother them now.
(b) They can be many things at once and all sincerely.
(c) They are creative.
(d) They can live in any country anywhere and it would not matter because one place is as good as another.

4. The narrator tells Helga he wants to get a bed like their old one that . . .
(a) Was stuffed with goose down.
(b) Could fold up into the wall.
(c) Had a headboard like an Italian sunset.
(d) Provided really good back support.

5. What snide remark does Resi make as she watches drum majorettes pass by in a parade?
(a) That Americans must find war a very sexy thing.
(b) That being able to do high kicks and twirl batons will help the girls be successful in life.
(c) That half of the girls will end up pregnant before they graduate.
(d) That it's not as good as being a cheerleader.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the narrator, what is the only part of a pig that is not used at the Chicago Stockyards?

2. For what "crime" was Stepan Bodovskov arrested, tried, and shot?

3. Regarding Stepan Bodovskov's finding of the narrator's trunk, Frank Wirtanen says he had a trunkful of . . .

4. What does the narrator mean when he claims, "I became what I am today and what I will always be, a stateless person"?

5. What childish phrase does the Blue Fairy Godmother tell the narrator that he should not expect to hear for himself?

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