Mother Night Character Descriptions

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Howard W. Campbell, Jr.

This character is the main character and also the narrator. This character was born in America, but moved with his family to Germany when he was 11.

Major Frank Wirtanen

This character is a member of the U.S. War Department who recruits the narrator to stay in Germany and become an American spy. The narrator cannot prove this elusive character exists and does not learn the character's real name until much later.

George Kraft

This character is a Russian spy, and is the narrator's neighbor in New York. This character is a talented painter and chess player who befriends the narrator, but ultimately betrays him.

Tuvia Friedmann

This character has requested that the narrator write a book detailing his experiences and involvement with the Nazi party while in jail awaiting trial for war crimes.

Helga Noth

This is the German spouse and love of...

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