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Chapter 1-3

• Howard W. Campbell, Jr., who is also the narrator, is sitting in a prison cell in Jerusalem awaiting trial for war crimes.

• He has been asked by Tuvia Friedmann, the Director of the Haifa Institute for the Documentation of War Criminals, to document his experiences as a Nazi propagandist.

• Mr. Friedmann has supplied the narrator with a typewriter, stenographic service, and research assistants.
• The narrator is guarded by three guards who work in shifts.

• His morning guard, Arnold Marx, is too young to remember the war.

• His afternoon/evening guard, Andor Gutman, was a member of a "special detail" group at Auschwitz that was responsible for shepherding prisoners into the death chambers and carrying out their bodies later.

• His evening guard, Arpad Kovacs, survived the war by posing as a Nazi. He despises Jews who went to their deaths without a struggle.

Chapter 4-6

• His overnight...

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