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Nerva's Ring

This object was given to Trajan by his predecessor and then passed from Trajan to Hadrian. It was the indicator that Hadrian was Trajan's successor.


This location is the one in which Hadrian feels most at home. Much of his time is spent rebuilding it.


This location was heavily damaged during Emperor Titus' reign, and Hadrian dedicates a lot of resources rebuilding it. After an uprising in this location, Hadrian's troops assault it. He changes the name and declares that Jews may not live there.


This location is the economic heart of Italy in the novel, but Hadrian detests it as too ugly and political. He does renovate a large part of this location, however, as he recognizes the importance of the place though he himself does not feel comfortable there.

Hadrian's Ship

This location is Hadrian's retreat. He is able to be...

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