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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Lost in the Funhouse.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ambrose spy a half dollar?
(a) Just inside the entrance of the funhouse
(b) In the street
(c) On the sidewalk behind him
(d) In the grass on the side of the sidewalk

2. What does the old timer at the door tell Ambrose about the tumble-barrel room?
(a) To hold onto Magda so she won’t fall
(b) To go crabwise to get an eyeful
(c) To look straight ahead to keep his footing
(d) To stay on the left of Magda so she’ll fall and he can see up her skirt

3. Where does the worst of the sun come into the car?
(a) On the right side
(b) On the left side
(c) In the back window
(d) Through the windshield

4. What does the narrator say is a way to save face if one is lost when one is found?
(a) Start to cry when asked a question
(b) Pretend you were trying to find a lost child you heard crying
(c) Say you were chasing a dog who got into the funhouse
(d) Act surprised at the fuss and pretend you were never lost

5. At what age are people when the narrator says some people hit their stride?
(a) Around thirty
(b) After marriage
(c) When they hit the twenties
(d) The middle teens

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ambrose tell Magda is the reason he is limping?

2. What will Ambrose tell his son when his son becomes thirteen years old?

3. What word does the narrator use to describe fiction about the problems of sensitive adolescents?

4. Where in the funhouse can the boys see up the girls’ dresses if they try?

5. What does Ambrose think is happening every minute under the Atlantic Ocean?

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