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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Lost in the Funhouse.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sets beside the lady on the cigar box?
(a) A five-stringed lyre
(b) A small bassinette
(c) A flute
(d) A stack of books

2. What does the family decide to do instead of swim in the ocean?
(a) Go to the municipal pool
(b) Sunbath and then rinse off in the outdoor showers
(c) They are going to swim in the ocean
(d) Walk along the beach and look for shells

3. What is Magda doing while she leans forward in her seat after spotting the Towers?
(a) Resting her head on the back of the front seat so she can nap
(b) Watching the miles go by on the odometer
(c) Trying to look at the book that Ambrose’s mother is reading
(d) Playing cow poker

4. What kind of tattoo does Uncle Karl have?
(a) A sea anchor
(b) A U.S. flag
(c) A heart with an arrow through it
(d) A snake wrapped around his biceps

5. What does Magda pretend to ignore at the swimming pool?
(a) How other girls look in their swimsuits
(b) How the swimming suits fit the boys
(c) Ambrose’s poor swimming
(d) Peter’s diving

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator say might provide a foreshadowing of the story’s climax?

2. What did the hurricane of 1933 do to Ocean City?

3. How does Ambrose see under the boardwalk?

4. Where does Ambrose spy a half dollar?

5. What does the narrator say the climax of this story must be?

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