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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Lost in the Funhouse.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ambrose’s father do with his cigarette when he is finished with it?
(a) Puts it out in the ashtray
(b) Hands it to his wife
(c) Gives to Uncle Karl
(d) Throws it out the window

2. What does the narrator say about Ambrose’s father’s physical looks?
(a) He is tall, thin and balding
(b) He is shorter than most men but very thin
(c) He is of average height and slightly overweight
(d) He has thick, blond hair and freckles

3. Why does Ambrose think the funhouse cannot be too scary or dangerous?
(a) That is only his hope, not an actual belief
(b) The owner would go out of business
(c) He has seen children go inside
(d) It is called a funhouse

4. What was inked into the wood on the cigar box where the label is peeled away?
(a) Inspected by ____
(b) Imported direct to Florida
(c) Best of the best
(d) Made in Cuba

5. Why does Ambrose go under the boardwalk?
(a) To see if anyone is under there making out
(b) To look for shells
(c) To look for match books
(d) To steal a kiss from Magda

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ambrose spy a half dollar?

2. What does Ambrose’s father find out from the Coast Guardsman?

3. Of what are cigar boxes made in the present time in the story?

4. What does Ambrose imagine a woman saying to him when he is grown about his words?

5. What does Ambrose wonder after he dozes off when he tries to find the old man?

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