Lost in the Funhouse Fun Activities

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Draw a picture of the funhouse.

Letter Writing

Write two letters from Ambrose, one to Magda and one to Peter, telling them his thoughts about the funhouse.

Travel Agent

Draw up a brochure convincing tourist to visit Ocean City.

Newspaper Reporter

You are a reporter. Write out a newspaper article covering Ambrose’s disappearance.


You are a journalist with People magazine. Write out an interview with Ambrose.

New title

In groups have groups come up with a new title for Lost in the Funhouse. Have the class vote on the best one.

After the Ending

Have the class write a brief plot that covers what happens the next five years in Ambrose’s life.

Funhouse Feud

Have two teams compete to answer questions about Lost in the Funhouse. The two teams are seated, and when a question is read out loud whoever gets on their feet...

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