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• Ambrose and his brother, Peter, Magda, a girl from the neighborhood, Ambrose's parents and his Uncle Karl drive to Ocean City in a 1936 LaSalle sedan.

• En route to Ocean City the family plays car games and sometimes the winner receives a candy bar or a piece of fruit.

• Ambrose realizes at the age of four that the person who sits on the right-hand side of the car usually wins the games. Ambrose allows Magda to win, however.

• During the ride Ambrose thinks about a time when he, Peter and Magda played Niggers and Masters. Peter quit the game when it was Ambrose’s time to be master.

• Ambrose was scared to punish the “slave” Magda but she hugged his knees and begged for mercy. He still remembers that day three years before.

• Ambrose’s mother gives each of them a dollar to spend. Peter...

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