Lords and Ladies: A Novel of Discworld Multiple Choice Test Questions

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1. What was there in the beginning?
(a) Molecules.
(b) A pawn.
(c) A ribbon of events.
(d) Nothing.

2. Where does this story start?
(a) At the Equal Rites.
(b) On Discworld.
(c) When the universe was created out of ribs.
(d) When Granny Weatherwax first appears.

3. What composes Discworld's core?
(a) Gold.
(b) There is no core.
(c) Pancakes.
(d) Iron.

4. Who is most unlikely to go to the stones?
(a) Young men.
(b) Dwarves.
(c) Fat men.
(d) Nice girls.

5. What appears inside the circle?
(a) A girl named Esmerelda.
(b) A couple of grasshoppers.
(c) A woman in a red dress.
(d) A swarm of bees.

6. How does the woman know about the girl's meeting with the trolls?
(a) She has good sight.
(b) She can read pebbles.
(c) The dwarves told her.
(d) Time goes backward.

7. What will The King not like?
(a) Riding on horseback.
(b) An obedient wife.
(c) The cold weather.
(d) A union of the two worlds.

8. What is Jason Ogg's special skill?
(a) He can shoe anything.
(b) He can squeeze the night from air.
(c) He scares dogs back into their kennels.
(d) He can make sheep jump fences.

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