Little Big Man Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is important about the coffee the wagon train carries?

The wagon train carries coffee because they use it as an offering to the Indians they meet as they cross the prairie.

2. What causes the Indians to attack the people of the wagon train?

The people of the wagon train give the Indians whiskey, become drunk, and slap them on their backs. This behavior causes the Indians to believe they're being aggressive and intend to harm harm.

3. What is the significance of butchering and cooking the dog by the Cheyenne woman?

The Cheyenne woman butchers and cooks the dog because dog meat is considered a treat among Native Americans.

4. What causes Younger Bear to become enraged by Jack and to exclude Jack from the boys' play?

Younger Bear becomes enraged by Jack because Jack hits him in the nose and then insults him by showing concern for his health. This leads Younger Bear to expel Jack from the boys' play until Jack shows himself to be worthy of playing with the boys.

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