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Cheyenne Village

This is where Jack lives and becomes an adopted son of the chief. He returns repeatedly throughout the story.


This is a place on the frontier where whites find security from Indians.

Frontier Towns

These are places that develop throughout the frontier as more and more whites move west.

Little Bighorn

This is the location of a battle between the Sioux Indians and the Seventh Calvary.

The Center of the Earth

This is where Native Americans strive to live. It is a conceptual place, a state of being rather than a geographical location.

Old Lodge Skins' Tepee

This serves as a circle in which people gather, Old Lodge Skins speaks wisdom, and Jack heals both in body and spirit.

Old Lodge Skins' Hat

This is symbolic of Old Lodge Skins' trust in Jack. Jack borrows it for a battle, but loses it while running from...

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