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Diorama--Battle of Little Bighorn

Create a diorama using whatever materials are practical to create a diorama of the Battle of Little Big Horn.


Collect pictures and stories about this time period--about Indians, Manifest Destiny, or the Battle of Little Big Horn for example--and create a collage that centers around a single theme.


Write a poem about the plight of the Indians.

Important Figures

Research one of the following historical figures and either write a report about him that can be presented to class, or create a poster that depicts important moments in his life that can displayed for the class:

1) George Custer

2) Wild Bill Hickok

3) Wyatt Earp

4) Calamity Jane.


Research and write a report on one of the following Indian tribes including customs, appearance, and locations in which they were found during the time period in which this novel takes place:

1) Cheyenne

2) Crow

3) Sioux.

Sandy Creek Massacre

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