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Essay Topic 1

Who is Jack Crabbs? Why does the writer want to write a story about him? What is significant about Jack Crabbs' life? How old is Jack Crabbs? Is it possible for a person to live that long? Does Jack Crabbs age bring question to his claims? What took place in the seventy years between the end of Jack's story and his life? Why is this missing time significant? How does this missing time suggest something missing to Jack's story? Is Jack's story true?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the following historical figures, comparing the history of their lives and the stories told about them in this novel:

1) George Armstrong Custer

2) Wild Bill Hickok

3) Walt Whitman

4) Wyatt Earp.

Essay Topic 3

Who is Caroline? How does Caroline help Jack escape the wagon train? Why does Caroline join the Indian band? Why does Caroline hide her gender? What does Caroline leave...

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