Little Big Man Character Descriptions

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Jack Crabb

This character is a young white boy who is raised by Cheyenne for five years and lives to relate his story to a writer shortly before his death.

Old Lodge Skins

This character is the leader of a Cheyenne band who becomes the father of a young white boy. The boy joins the band after the death of his father.

General George Armstrong Custer

This character is a military leader who leads a battle against the Sioux Indians at Little Big Horn.

Younger Bear

This character is a young warrior who is offended by a white boy's attempt at concern, causing them to be lifetime enemies.

Wild Bill Hickok

This character is a gunfighter who is paranoid about being shot to death.

Mrs. Pendrake

This character is caught having multiple affairs by her adoptive child, causing a conflict in her child's understanding of morality and sin...

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