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Short Answer Questions

1. How much time is the fuse set for by Lando and Chewie to destroy the mountain?

2. Who is attacking Luke and Mara in Leia's dream at the beginning of Chapter 14?

3. As of Chapter 23, how many asteroids have been neutralized on Coruscant?

4. How does Mon Mothma initially react to the news of Mara's disappearance?

5. What sound does Luke hear as he battles his clone?

Short Essay Questions

1. What attacks the Rebels as the Millennium Falcon's ramp lowers on Wayland?

2. How does Luke begin his confrontation with C'baoth in Chapter 26?

3. Why does Leia explain the secret mission to Wayland to the Council, and what is their reaction?

4. Who are Drang and Sturm, and what is their purpose in the story?

5. How is Thrawn's hit and fade operation launched against Coruscant?

6. What sign do Luke and Mara find in Chapter 19, and how does Mara explain it?

7. What deal does Luke offer to C'baoth and how does Mara respond?

8. How is C'baoth destroyed?

9. How is Thrawn destroyed?

10. What promise does Mara ask Luke to make as they are entering the mountain, and how does he respond?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the break-in attempt of the Palace on Coruscant by Himron and the Imperial intruders, including the intent of their mission, all of the characters involved, how they are stopped, and the unintended consequences of Mara's actions.

Essay Topic 2

Luke and Mara have very different pasts with the Empire.

1) Explain Mara's past and how her experiences with the Emperor have preconditioned her to struggle with an internal conflict.

2) Describe Luke's past dealings with the Emperor and how they help Mara work through her confusion.

3) Analyze the differences between Luke and Mara as well as their similarities in their outlook on the Empire and the New Republic.

Essay Topic 3

Explain in detail the battle at Bilbringi between the Empire and the New Republic. Include analysis of how Thrawn uses the element of surprise to gain an advantage, the actions of the Rebel Alliance and the smugglers, Thrawn's eventual demise, and the effects it has on the Empire.

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