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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Clyngunn's report in Chapter 15, where has the clone traffic dried up?
(a) Raioballo sector.
(b) Anthos sector.
(c) Orus sector.
(d) Tapani sector.

2. Why does Bel Iblis doubt the number of asteroids heading towards Coruscant?
(a) The main asteroid was not as large as it appeared.
(b) Many of them have drifted into space.
(c) Thrawn is not intelligent enough to cloak that many.
(d) It is expensive to cloak all of them.

3. What is Mon Mothma's concern about the trip to Wayland?
(a) It is an unknown planet.
(b) It could be a set up to kill Luke and Han.
(c) It is a central base for the Empire.
(d) It could be a set up to capture Luke and Han.

4. What is the result of the negotiations between the Rebels and the Myneyrshi and Psadans?
(a) C-3PO becomes the new leader of the Myneyrshi and Psadans.
(b) The Myneyrshi and Psadans agree to work for the New Republic for a price.
(c) Safe passage to the mountain.
(d) The Rebels learn valuable information about the Empire's plans.

5. How does Wedge consider smugglers?
(a) He does not give his opinion of them.
(b) As mercenaries and scum.
(c) Only as allies.
(d) As mercenaries, but allies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is on the data card that Ghent hands to Leia at the end of Chapter 14?

2. Who is with Leia as she and Han make their way to the battling Lukes?

3. Who reports Mara's disappearance in Chapter 14?

4. How many potential asteroids could the Rebels be faced with finding after Thrawn shatters them?

5. Where did the severed hand that led to the creation of Luke's clone originate?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are Drang and Sturm, and what is their purpose in the story?

2. How does Ferrier die at the meeting of the smugglers on Hijarna?

3. What disagreement do Fey'lya and Mon Mothma have in Chapter 20?

4. How is Thrawn destroyed?

5. What promise does Mara ask Luke to make as they are entering the mountain, and how does he respond?

6. How is the inside of Mt. Tantiss described?

7. What is the result of the meeting between the Rebels and the Myneyrshi and Psadans?

8. What method does the New Republic use to locate the cloaked asteroids on Coruscant?

9. What surprising tactical decision does Thrawn make at the end of Chapter 20?

10. How is C'baoth imprisoned and released on Wayland?

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