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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who shuts down the mountain's intake systems, helping Luke to see ahead?
(a) C-3PO.
(b) Chewbacca.
(c) Han.
(d) R2-D2.

2. Why does Leia initially tell Karrde he cannot land on Coruscant?
(a) The landing docks are full.
(b) The Imperial ships may also get through if the shield is lowered.
(c) The landing docks have been deactivated.
(d) The cloaked asteroids are a threat.

3. Who stabs Thrawn, causing the death of the last Grand Admiral and forcing the Empire to retreat?
(a) A Noghri bodyguard.
(b) A Rebel disguised as a stormtrooper.
(c) Mon Mothma.
(d) Admiral Ackbar.

4. Whose lightsaber does Mara use to destroy Luke's clone?
(a) Her own.
(b) Leia's.
(c) C'baoth's.
(d) Luke's.

5. What does Karrde suggest the smugglers steal from Bilbringi in Chapter 20?
(a) A CGT.
(b) A Rebel ship.
(c) A forcefield transmitter.
(d) An Imperial ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long is Karrde eventually given to pass through Coruscant's shield?

2. What is the result of the negotiations between the Rebels and the Myneyrshi and Psadans?

3. Where are Luke and Mara in the final scene of the book?

4. Why does Bel Iblis suggest looking for a recording system instead of spies?

5. How does Ferrier die?

Short Essay Questions

1. What disagreement do Fey'lya and Mon Mothma have in Chapter 20?

2. What is Leia's dream in the beginning of Chapter 14, and how does she respond to it?

3. What important conversation do Luke and Mara have in Chapter 16?

4. How is C'baoth destroyed?

5. How does the meeting of the smugglers at Hijarna depict the doubts of the smugglers in Chapter 15?

6. What attacks the Rebels as the Millennium Falcon's ramp lowers on Wayland?

7. What leads Leia to discover the Imperial Delta Source in Chapter 17?

8. What method does the New Republic use to locate the cloaked asteroids on Coruscant?

9. What position does the New Republic offer Mara, and how does The Last Command end?

10. How is the inside of Mt. Tantiss described?

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