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Chapters 1-3

• The Last Command begins with the distinct tactical differences of Thrawn and C'baoth as the Empire overtakes Ukio.
• On her last diplomatic mission before giving birth, Leia is concerned about her babies, Luke, and the number of clones.
• Luke tries to locate the path and the transport of the Empire's clones on the planet, Calius.
• Mara wakes up in the recovery room of the New Republic hospital and expresses her desire to leave Coruscant.

Chapters 4-7

• Poderis is the site of clone transfers as well as a trap for Luke and his suspenseful escape.
• During a Council meeting, Leia gives birth to the twins, Jaina and Jacen, who she senses will have an intense destiny with the Force.
• Karrde attempts to convince the other smugglers to gather information for the Rebels near Chazwa.
• Luke stops at Honoghr and is treated well by the Nogrhri, who are...

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