Kant: A Very Short Introduction Short Essay - Answer Key

Roger Scruton
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1. Describe Kant's time in school.

Kant did not enjoy his time in school. His teachers were strict and mean, especially because his economic class was low in comparison to other students. Kant was always hesitant to speak about his time in school.

2. Describe Kant's career as a professor.

As an adult, Kant was quiet and eclectic. He taught and studied several disciplines, such as history, geography, and math. Kant's focus, however, remained on philosophy.

3. Describe Kant's published life.

Until 1781, Kant published a few short and irrelevant works. These are typically unmemorable pieces. It was not until Kant was 57 years old that he published "Critique of Pure Reason", which was significant in turning his life around.

4. What was the effect of Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason"?

"Critique of Pure Reason" was extremely difficult to read. Kant attempted to release another work to supplement it, but not much popularity resulted. The main stir that Kant caused was in European philosophical circles.

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