Daily Lessons for Teaching Kant: A Very Short Introduction

Roger Scruton
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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter 1: Life, Works, and Character Kant's early life revolved around education. Kant showed promise in intelligence and went to school despite being of low socioeconomic class. Kant was hesitant to talk about his school experiences as an adult, and it was known that his teachers were strict and sometimes mean. This lesson will focus on Kant's early life as well as his eclectic academic career.

1. Class discussion: Why does it matter that Kant was low class and had many siblings? If Kant lacked intelligence at an early age, what may have become of him? Set the scene for Kant's life based on your knowledge of the time in which he lived.

2. Journal entry: Why do you think Kant was always hesitant to talk about the time he spent in school?

3. Group discussion: Discuss Kant's many disciplines that he both studied and taught. Why do you think...

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