Kant: A Very Short Introduction Fun Activities

Roger Scruton
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Write a short biography about Kant that sums up the most important parts of his life.


Create a portrait of Kant based on artistic representations of him.

What I Learned

What did you learn while reading about Immanuel Kant? What did you take away from the reading, and how can you apply it to your life? Give an oral presentation in which you answer these questions.

Kant - Right or Wrong?

Create a note card in which you list 5 points of view that Kant had. With a classmate, trade cards and discuss whether or not Kant is right or wrong on this point. Explain to your partner why or why not.

Philosopher Portfolio

Create a portfolio based on one of the philosophers mentioned in the book, such as Kant, Hume, and Leibniz. The portfolio should include a short biography, a list of ideologies, and how they...

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