Kant: A Very Short Introduction Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Roger Scruton
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Chapter 1: Life, Works, and Character

• Despite his economic class, Immanuel Kant attended school.
• As an adult, Kant was eccentric and studied a variety of disciplines.
• Kant published "Critique of Pure Reason", which many found difficult to read.
• Kant published other works about ethics and aesthetics.

Chapter 2: The Background of Kant's Thought

• Kant was influenced by Descartes' problem of objective knowledge.
• Descartes claimed, "I think, therefore I am", but the problem with this philosophy is that it assumes the existence of the self.
• Leibniz argued that through reason we can know almost everything, whereas Hume doubted that reason could prove anything without empirical evidence.
• Kant believed that both Hume and Leibniz made good points and were both half right.

Chapter 3: The Transcendental Deduction

• Kant's fundamental question of metaphysics was how synthetic a priori knowledge can be, if at all.
• Kant's subjective argument was concerned with explaining faculties of understanding...

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