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Donald McCaig
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the surgeon who cut off the head of a black soldier and autopsied it?
(a) He is discharged from the army for his actions.
(b) He does not get in trouble.
(c) He is put in jail.
(d) He is sentenced to death.

2. Where are Marguerite and her servants preparing to leave when they are beset by Union soldiers on the road?
(a) Charleston.
(b) Richmond.
(c) Wilmington.
(d) Lexington.

3. Which servant leaves Marguerite on the road after the incident with the Union soldiers?
(a) Manny.
(b) Kizzy.
(c) Karla.
(d) Mingo.

4. Where does Duncan return to two days after Christmas in Part IV, Chapter 60?
(a) Williamsburg.
(b) Charleston.
(c) Richmond.
(d) Lexington.

5. Who stumbles into Alexander's camp in Part IV, Chapter 54?
(a) A runaway female slave.
(b) A runaway male slave.
(c) A young Confederate soldier.
(d) A young Union soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jesse travels to visit friends in a nearby company where he hears the men singing. What song does hear them singing?

2. What do the Union soldiers take from Marguerite and her servants as they are preparing to leave the city?

3. What does Silas warn Marguerite about before he leaves to become a solider in the Confederate Army?

4. Why is Duncan uncertain about marriage?

5. What happens to Alexander and the group of renegades in Part IV, Chapter 59?

Short Essay Questions

1. After being captured, why are the black soldiers pleading with the Confederates to be released?

2. What does Duncan tell Sallie about Midge when she comes to visit him in the hospital?

3. While leading the A Company near Fairfax City, Virginia, what does the surgeon named Potts remind Jesse to have his men do?

4. What does Jesse learn that the surgeon name Potts has done that upsets him?

5. What does Sallie realize about her Cousin Molly's attitude in Part IV, Chapter 50?

6. While traveling on their way home from a prayer meeting, what does young Seth Danzinger talk about with Alexander?

7. What do Marguerite's grown children tell the girl who has been interviewing her at the birthday party?

8. What happens when Duncan meets Confederate President Davis at an event he attends with Sallie?

9. Why have the renegades stopped the Danzinger family and Alexander's buggy in Part IV, Chapter 44?

10. What do the Union soldiers take when they stop Marguerite and her servants on the road as they leave Wilmington?

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