Jacob's Ladder: A Story of Virginia During the War Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Donald McCaig
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Samuel Gatewood's slave trying to run away?
(a) He is trying to find Sallie.
(b) He is trying to find Rita.
(c) He is trying to find Martha.
(d) He is trying to find Maggie.

2. Marguerite is interviewed by a girl from the WPA. Why are the girl's boss and father criticizing the amount of time she spends with Marguerite?
(a) Because she is a prostitute.
(b) They do not like that she's a mulatto.
(c) Because she is a slave.
(d) They both say the story that Marguerite is telling is untrue.

3. What does Alexander tell Samuel Gatewood's son he claimed so he could be assigned to his regiment?
(a) That they are half-brothers.
(b) That he is his son.
(c) That they are brothers.
(d) That they are cousins.

4. While trying to find shelter from the big storm, whom does Samuel's son find inside a barn?
(a) Rita.
(b) Marge.
(c) Midge.
(d) Madge.

5. Who harbors a runaway slave in Part I, Chapter 7?
(a) Sara and Alexander.
(b) Sammy and Alexander.
(c) Sallie and Alexander.
(d) Susie and Alexander.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Marguerite living in Part III, Chapter 28?

2. Two years after the big storm, what is Samuel's son guarding in Part I, Chapter 2?

3. What does Catesby agree to on his final bet?

4. Whom does Samuel Gatewood have help Uther Botkin's family after the death of his wife?

5. In the letter that he writes from camp, where does Catesby urge his wife to stay?

Short Essay Questions

1. Duncan runs into Midge, now Marguerite Omohundru, at an event, what do they talk about in their private conversation?

2. What do the Union soldiers tell Kizzy and Mingo after stopping them on the road as they leave Wilmington?

3. What does Silas tell Marguerite in a letter in Part IV, Chapter 61?

4. What does the girl that is interviewing Marguerite tell her she is getting continual pressure to do in Part III, Chapter 39?

5. What happens to Jesse and the other black soldiers who are captured by the Confederates after a battle?

6. What is Jesse's new job in Part III, Chapter 31, at the hospital?

7. How does Catesby die after the battle in Spotsylvania?

8. After being captured, why are the black soldiers pleading with the Confederates to be released?

9. What do Marguerite's grown children tell the girl who has been interviewing her at the birthday party?

10. Where does Jesse take Duncan after getting him out of the Confederate prison?

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