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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who calls the police after Eddie breaks his arm?
(a) Eddie's mother.
(b) The librarian.
(c) The shop owner of the grocery store.
(d) Eddie's friend, Bill.

2. Why are the lumberjacks killed?
(a) Claud Heroux hated them.
(b) They were striking for unsafe work conditions.
(c) They were victims of Henry Bowers.
(d) They were manifestations of It.

3. What character does Tom Rogan become in his nightmare at the hotel?
(a) Patrick Hockstetter.
(b) Bill Denbrough.
(c) Henry Bowers.
(d) Georgie Denbrough.

4. What happens when Eddie leaves the grocery store where he spent his allowance?
(a) He runs into Henry.
(b) He sees his mother.
(c) He goes back to the pharmacy.
(d) He breaks his arm in a fall.

5. Why do the members of the Losers Club initially go to the gravel pit before the rock fight?
(a) To shoot off fireworks.
(b) To have their weekly meeting.
(c) To build a dam.
(d) To kill Henry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Audra have a nightmare about in her hotel room?

2. The children become lost in the tunnels. When do they find their way?

3. What does Richie not see during his vision in the clubhouse?

4. Which of the following does Eddie not tell his mom when he wakes up in the hospital?

5. Who finally kills It?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mike identify the beginning and end of the cycle described in the Third Interlude?

2. Describe the clubhouse that the Losers build.

3. Why does the pharmacist pull Eddie into his office and what does he tell him?

4. What promise do the Losers make in 1958 when they come out of the tunnels and how do they seal this promise?

5. Describe Bill Denbrough's encounter with Georgie in the tunnels.

6. How does It die, and who kills It?

7. Who is at the dump when Beverly goes there alone to practice her slingshot and what does she see?

8. Describe Bill and Audra Denbrough's preparation for and ride together on Silver.

9. How is the Bradley Gang killed?

10. How is the body of Patrick Hockstetter that the Losers see in the tunnel different in 1958 than in 1985.

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