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Part One, The Shadow Before: Chapter 1, After the Flood (1957)

• It centers around seven core characters who bonded as children and reunite 27 years later.

• The seven seem to be destined to bring an end to the cycle of death and destruction in their hometown.

• The friends fought the same force (It) once before and now they must conquer it for good.
• This chapter is a flashback to the children's childhood.

• While Bill Denbrough is sick in bed with the flu, his little brother, Georgie, tries to build a paper sailboat.

• When Georgie asks for help, Bill makes the boat, waterproofs it, and sends Georgie outside to play with it.

• Georgie's boat falls inside a drain and when he leans down to get it, he sees a clown.

• When Georgie reaches for the boat, the clown rips his arm from his body, killing him.

Part One, The Shadow Before: Chapter 2, After the Festival, (1984)

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