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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sam finds what on the memorial after finding her father's name?
(a) A version of her own name.
(b) A friend of her uncle's that he mentioned.
(c) The soldier Darrel that was in her father's journal.
(d) Her favorite flower.

2. Where did Irene and Dwayne get married?
(a) At a big Baptist church in Paducah.
(b) At the courthouse in Lexington.
(c) On the porch of a justice of hte peach.
(d) On Dwayne's parents' farm.

3. What is the name of Irene's new baby?
(a) Irina.
(b) Laurie.
(c) Hillary.
(d) Heather.

4. According to Sam, her mother had an explanation for everything now that she was taking what class?
(a) Anthropology.
(b) Social Science.
(c) Psychology.
(d) Physics.

5. What does Grandma Smith call Emmett's digging and such?
(a) Soul searching.
(b) Post-war draft dodging.
(c) Playing paper dolls.
(d) Avoiding Anita.

6. What radio station's DJ's tell sick jokes that Sam doesn't like?
(a) KY102.
(b) KLEX.
(c) Rock-95.
(d) KISS-100.

7. Where does Sam let Emmett out so she can drive around the parking lot while he shops?
(a) Kroger's.
(b) Sureway.
(c) Penney's.
(d) K Mart.

8. What is the plan Emmett announces out of the blue?
(a) That they are going to the Vietnam Memorial.
(b) That he was going to get a job.
(c) That he is going to fill the hole he dug by the house.
(d) That he and Anita were going to get married.

9. When Mawmaw says she is fifty-eight, she also says that she has twenty years worth of what tacked onto her age?
(a) Emptiness.
(b) Worry.
(c) Experience.
(d) Fat layers.

10. What made Sam want to cry at Mawmaw's farm?
(a) Emmet's state of mind.
(b) How dumb she thinks Donna is.
(c) Her father's portrait.
(d) The cat with its ears clipped.

11. Sam thinks she has always been good at figuring out what?
(a) People.
(b) Relationsip dilemmas.
(c) Puzzles.
(d) Handwriting.

12. What was Larry watching when Emmett showed up at Irene's house in Lexington?
(a) Young Frankenstein.
(b) Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
(c) M*A*S*H.
(d) ET.

13. What is Irene watching on TV while Sam and Emmett clear out her old room?
(a) M*A*S*H.
(b) Between Friends.
(c) Remington Steele.
(d) AfterMash.

14. What does Dawn buy at the super market that freaks her out when she goes to cook it?
(a) A package of bacon.
(b) A turkey with the giblets.
(c) A pot roast.
(d) A chicken with the parts inside.

15. Darrel carries what around for good luck?
(a) A mangy rabbit's foot.
(b) A coin from his birth year.
(c) A pearl from his mother's necklace.
(d) A dead enemy soldier's tooth.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Sam's opinion, the writer Thoreau was what?

2. Who comes by to take Sam home for Sunday dinner?

3. What is the card table covered with at Tom's apartment?

4. What does Grandma Smith call Grandpa?

5. Mawmaw sets a platter of what on the table to eat?

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