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Lesson 1 (from Part 1: Chapter 1 | Part 1: Chapter 2)


Part 1: Chapter 1 | Part 1: Chapter 2

Mamaw complains that she is crammed into the back of the car like a sack of sausage. This lesson is on Simile.


Class Discussion: What is Simile? What will apparently relieve Mamaw's discomfort? Why does she really want to stop the car?

Journal: Write down some of the adjectives from the author's description of Mamaw and explain why the author might have used that simile to describe Mamaw's feelings.

Groups: Discuss the author's general description of how Sam feels about the trip and her companions. How does Sam react when Mamaw says she feels like a sack of sausage? Is she sympathetic?

Homework Assignment: Find another simile in this section of the book. Write down the simile, what it is talking about, and why the character sees the situation that way.

Lesson 2 (from Part 1: Chapter 3 | Part 1: Chapter 4)


Part 1: Chapter 3 | Part 1: Chapter 4

The author describes the...

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