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Part 1: Chapter 1 | Part 1: Chapter 2

• Sam and her uncle, Emmett, and her grandmother, Mamaw, are on a road trip together.

• Mamaw is excited and nervous to be so far away from home and fusses with the geraniums in the back seat.

• Sam has bought the car they are riding in from Tom Hudson.

• Sam, Emmett, and Mawmaw have Irene's credit card.

• The transmission in the car is getting worse.

Part 1: Chapter 3 | Part 1: Chapter 4

• Sam, Emmett, and Mawmaw eat at Howard Johnson's.

• Mawmaw says the chicken is tough.

• They get to Maryland and the transmission goes out.

• They stay at a Holiday Inn.

• Sam is dreading getting to Washington.

Part 2: Chapter 1 | Part 2: Chapter 2

• When Emmett returned from the war, he brought hippies back to Hopewell.

• He flew the Viet Cong flag from the courthouse tower.

• Sam's mother has moved to Lexington with her new husband whom Sam calls Lorenzo Jones...

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