Objects & Places from House of Leaves

Mark Z. Danielewski
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The House

This is Virginia, was purchased by Karen and Will Navidson, and is a source of constant mystery to the Navidson family.

The Five and a Half Minute Hallway

This suddenly appears in the living room and becomes an instant object of obsession to the Navidson family, changing appearance and seemingly growing doors, windows, and even a massive staircase.

The Biblical Story About the Twins Esau and Jacob

This is a tale about a nearly blind father and his twin sons, the younger of which tricks his father into giving him the inheritance rightly owed to his older brother.

Exploration #4 in the Five and a Half Minute Hallway

This is a short film starring Holloway Roberts in which he says things like, I'm lost. Out of food. Low on water.

The Locket

This is the one possession Johnny's mother had when she died, and the only thing...

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