House of Leaves Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mark Z. Danielewski
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Chapter 1

• Will Navidson is a filmmaker. The novel opens with descriptions of two movie trailers he has recently filmed. In the first trailer, Navidson films himself climbing in and out of windows in a long hallway.

• In the second trailer, called "Exploration #4," Navidson makes it clear, through direct dialogue with the audience, that he's being stalked and his provisions are running low. There are shots of blood on the floor, a child crying, and other disturbing images.

Chapter 2

• Will films as his family--partner Karen and two children, Daisy and Chad--move into their new home on Ash Tree Lane. The children are very excited about moving into a new house and play together in the sunshine.

• When Will moves into the new house, he installs video cameras in every room of the house, with the exception of a few of the bathrooms. He wants to capture every moment that...

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