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Roland Bainton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a frequent struggle for Luther?
(a) debating the doubters
(b) answering his critics
(c) sustaining his own faith
(d) making financial ends meet

2. What chore does Luther perform at home after marrying Katherine?
(a) washing windows
(b) cleaning the floors
(c) taking care of the garden
(d) tending the orchard

3. From where does Luther believe salvation comes?
(a) through good deeds
(b) through the Word
(c) through the hymns
(d) through the priest

4. According to Luther, how is the Church supposed to be administered?
(a) by popular election
(b) by those with political power
(c) by force of arms
(d) by those endowed with grace

5. What distressed Luther back in Wittenberg?
(a) that his tracts have not been published
(b) that he is no longer relevant to the people
(c) that his friends have turned against him
(d) that he is placed under house arrest

6. What does Bainton suggest was Luther's contribution to the German language?
(a) shaping it and fashioning it for the better
(b) making it boring and unpoetic
(c) making it too difficult to learn
(d) filling it with useless Latin and Greek phrases

7. What law does Luther insist should be null?
(a) any demand that is contrary to the Word of God
(b) any law that puts people into slavery
(c) any law that favors the princes only
(d) any law that has different criteria for different classes

8. What pleases Luther upon his return?
(a) that no one remembers him
(b) the reform taking place
(c) that the Diet has stopped looking for him
(d) that his works are being circulated

9. What does Luther continue to stress in his teaching?
(a) that good works people do need no faith in them
(b) that faith must be accompanied by good works
(c) that good works do not constitute any claim on God
(d) that doing good deeds will result in salvation

10. On what occasion does Luther utter these words: "Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen"?
(a) when facing his accusers
(b) on his death bed
(c) at the end of his books
(d) taking his monastic vows

11. What is something Bainton credits Luther for?
(a) destroying much of German culture
(b) making the German people look foolish to the world
(c) molding the character of the German people
(d) dividing the German people over religion

12. To whom does Luther extend the priesthood?
(a) all Christian men
(b) all believers
(c) all vocations
(d) all new converts

13. Who tells Frederick the Wise to separate himself from Martin Luther and muffle his blasphemous tongue?
(a) King Charles
(b) the German Diet
(c) Pope Hadrian
(d) Pope Leo X

14. How is Luther's antisemitism expressed?
(a) They should not be allowed to own businesses or deal with money.
(b) They should be driven out of Germany.
(c) They should live off the land, their synagogues burned, and their books taken away.
(d) they should be given the choice of conversion or death.

15. What is Luther's agrarian thought?
(a) that everyone should farm
(b) that slavery is acceptable
(c) that man should work
(d) that children should not play

Short Answer Questions

1. With what does Luther substitute for the chants sung by priests?

2. Where does Luther find his objective solace?

3. Who writes Luther saying God is merciful and will forgive him if he returns?

4. Although preaching on the same topics, how does Luther keep his preaching fresh?

5. Why does the Reformation in Saxony cause confusion?

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