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Roland Bainton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Luther resume his University studies?
(a) to learn to read Latin
(b) to have a way out of the cloister
(c) to qualify for the position of lector
(d) to satisfy his curiosity

2. What is written on top of one of Luther's pictures?
(a) INRI
(b) He called himself a Preacher of God
(c) This is Martin Luther, Doctor of the Gospel
(d) This is a Picture of Satan

3. From what is it that Luther insists no man can separate another?
(a) the right to the Eucharist
(b) the judgment of God
(c) the body and soul
(d) the love of Christ

4. Why does Hans Luther say his son should study to earn a living and not enter the monastery?
(a) because Hans is not a Catholic
(b) because he is too young to know his own mind
(c) because he should honor his mother's and father's wishes
(d) because Hans is ashamed to have his son beg

5. What does Luther believe that is in direct opposition with Papal authority?
(a) that God can speak through any righteous man
(b) that he has been given the Keys to the Kingdom
(c) that God no longer speaks to man
(d) that it is impossible to know what God wills

6. How long are some of Luther's confessions?
(a) as long as six hours at one time
(b) for days on end
(c) over one hour long
(d) only a few minutes

7. What realization does Luther come to in Wittenberg?
(a) He does more than necessary to save himself.
(b) He is wrong to opposed the Pope.
(c) He can never do enough to save himself.
(d) There are no hard answers in the Bible.

8. What is released in the written document of the Diet of Worms?
(a) that Luther is to be tortured until he recants.
(b) that no decision has yet been made
(c) that Luther has been exonerated
(d) that Luther is to be regarded as a convicted heretic

9. What do the parishioners do when Luther refuses to sell indulgences?
(a) ban together in support of Luther
(b) have relatives buy indulgences for them
(c) go to other parishes to buy them
(d) write complaint letters to the Pope

10. What makes Luther a national figure?
(a) his arrest warrant from the Pope
(b) his debate in Leipzig
(c) his picture in the newspapers
(d) his lectures at the university

11. Who hides Luther at Wartburg Castle?
(a) Charles, the King
(b) Frederick, the Wise
(c) Erasmus, the Writer
(d) Melanchthon, the Humanist

12. How is Luther received at Heidelberg?
(a) as a heretic
(b) as an outcast
(c) as a prisoner
(d) as a guest of honor

13. Where does Luther believe the answers for living a Christian life can be found?
(a) in the Bible
(b) in the practice of good living
(c) in the stars
(d) in the edicts of the Pope

14. What frightens Erasmus?
(a) the threat of division and war implied in the Reformation
(b) the Church courts
(c) the mood of the people
(d) Martin Luther

15. How can many of Luther's supporters be classified?
(a) as weak and insignificant
(b) as afraid for their lives
(c) as powerful and vocal
(d) as the lunatic fringe

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Luther see the nature of man?

2. What is the public opinion about Luther?

3. How does Martin Luther explain his calling?

4. What does The Babylonian Captivity assert?

5. What are the two religious conditions of humanity taught to Luther all his life?

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