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Roland Bainton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Church Territorial.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What begins to be offered for contributions made on November first?
(a) extra hours for confession
(b) indulgences from the Pope
(c) a day of rest and prayer
(d) prayers for the dead

2. What does Luther mean by saying that God can forgive only a lusty sinner?
(a) He means that we should sin to get salvation.
(b) He means that only lusty sinners recognize their sin.
(c) He means that a big failure brings about great humility.
(d) He means that God takes no notice of small sins.

3. Who must decide where, when, and how to deal with Luther?
(a) Pope Leo X
(b) the Princes of Germany
(c) the College of Cardinals
(d) Charles, the Roman Emperor and Catholic King of Spain

4. Why does the Reformation in Saxony cause confusion?
(a) because there are many different denominations
(b) because each town has its own way of conducting church
(c) because no one known who owns the church property
(d) because Catholics are being persecuted

5. Where is the Luther-Eck debate held?
(a) Leipzig
(b) Rome
(c) Constantinople
(d) Heidelberg

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Luther affirm the forgiveness of sins?

2. What do arguments arise over before the debate?

3. What does Luther feel compelled to do as more nuns leave their orders?

4. What pleases Luther upon his return?

5. Why does Hans Luther say his son should study to earn a living and not enter the monastery?

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