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Katherine Dunn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Oly open Miss Lick's locker?
(a) She knows the combination.
(b) She uses a sledgehammer.
(c) She crowbars it open.
(d) She forces Miss Lick to use her key.

2. Who does Norval Sanderson leave the circus to visit?
(a) His grandfather.
(b) His girlfriend.
(c) His mother.
(d) His old teacher.

3. Who does Oly have a letter delivered to, explaining her life and death?
(a) Crystal Lil.
(b) Horst the Cat Man.
(c) Miranda.
(d) Zephr McGurk.

4. What does Chick hear inside the twins' stomach?
(a) A baby growing.
(b) Food being digested.
(c) A voice speaking.
(d) Radio static.

5. How does Oly calm herself when she thinks that she does not have the courage to continue with her plan?
(a) She swims laps at the pool.
(b) She takes a long walk.
(c) She drinks heavily.
(d) She writes in her journal.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Norval Sanderson claim he lost his body part?

2. How does Miss Lick get Oly around "the homestead" while she is doing yard work?

3. What are the followers of the new religion beginning to steal?

4. Whose writings compose chapter 19?

5. What did Chick practice impregnation on?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Oly see when she hears Chick, Lil, and the twins screaming in the van?

2. Explain the business endeavor the twins take on when they turn eighteen.

3. Explain Jonathan Tomaini's new role in the twins' adult life.

4. What happens during Dr. Phyllis' surgery on the twins?

5. What is the result of the Bag Man's spying?

6. Why does Oly kill Miss Lick?

7. What affect does Norval Sanderson have on Arturism?

8. Briefly describe what happens when the Bag Man enters the twins' van after becoming engaged to them.

9. What is the Transcendental Maggot booth?

10. Explain the process of tithing in Arturism and the significance of calling this process "tithing."

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