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Katherine Dunn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the rest of the children respond to Dr. Phyllis' new position?
(a) They dislike it.
(b) They are apathetic.
(c) They are ecstatic.
(d) They never find out.

2. Who performed the surgery on Dr. Phyllis' abdomen to remove what she believe was implanted there?
(a) Arty.
(b) Al Binewski.
(c) Her roommate.
(d) She performed the surgery on herself.

3. How did the Binewski family children interact with the children of the town?
(a) The Binewski children were sent to regular elementary school.
(b) The Binewski children were kept separate from all other children.
(c) The Binewski children put on special shows for neighborhood children.
(d) The Binewski children sold their friendships to the highest paying buyers.

4. What body part is Zephr McGurk missing?
(a) He is not missing body parts.
(b) His legs.
(c) His arms.
(d) His face.

5. Aside from the Binewski daughters, what is the hair color of all the other girls who work for the circus?
(a) Blonde.
(b) Black.
(c) Pink.
(d) Red.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Arty make Oly feel in relation to the family?

2. What is surprising to Oly about Miranda?

3. What does Vern Bogner do when he sees the Binewskis step out of their car?

4. What is the name of the new religion introduced in the middle of the novel?

5. What is Chick's birth name?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Chick almost abandoned by the Binewski family?

2. How has Miss Lick gotten the video footage of Miranda?

3. What does the article Oly finds tell us about Dr. Phyllis time in medical school?

4. What body part does Norval Sanderson gift to Arty, and what are the stories surrounding this body part?

5. Describe how we first see Oly's adult life.

6. Describe Arty's appearance.

7. How does Arty react to Oly's pregnancy?

8. What is the result of the Bag Man's spying?

9. Explain the process of tithing in Arturism and the significance of calling this process "tithing."

10. What happens when the children are brought to the hospital?

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