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Katherine Dunn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Lil and Al obtain their freakish children?
(a) The children are dropped off at the circus by frightened parents.
(b) The children are scientifically created in test tubes.
(c) Lil and Al adopt unwanted children from orphanages.
(d) Lil experiments with drugs during her pregnancies.

2. When Chick's power is realized, whose reaction does Oly worry about?
(a) Arty's.
(b) Elly and Iphy's.
(c) Crystal Lil's.
(d) Horst the Cat Man's.

3. How is Alma Witherspoon described?
(a) Overweight and unattractive.
(b) Thin but unattractive.
(c) Thin and attractive.
(d) Overweight but attractive.

4. How did Aloysius Binewski and Lillian Hinchcliff meet?
(a) Lillian and Aloysuis were raised together from childhood.
(b) Lillian volunteered as a Geek in Aloysius' show.
(c) Lillian's father was a wealthy benefactor for the traveling circus.
(d) Lillian fell into the giant cat cage and Aloysius saved her.

5. Who finds the Binewski children hiding in a cherry tree?
(a) A farmer from town.
(b) Children from town.
(c) Miss Lick.
(d) Crystal Lil.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Oly sneaks away to listen to a story while she is supposed to be watching Chick, what happens while she is gone?

2. What do the twins experience for the first time on their 14th birthday?

3. How does Crystal Lil watch television?

4. What is the reaction to Chick immediately after his birth?

5. What does Arty begin predicting in his act in an attempt to draw larger crowds?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Zephr McGurk change Arty's show?

2. Describe the invention that Zephr McGurk brings to Arty.

3. What does Oly keep in the chest in her apartment?

4. What significant event happens on the twins' 14th birthday?

5. What is the unusual offer that Miranda been approached about, and how does she react?

6. Why is Chick almost abandoned by the Binewski family?

7. What does the article Oly finds tell us about Dr. Phyllis time in medical school?

8. What is Arturism?

9. Why does Al choose to keep the children separate from the rest of the town folk?

10. How is the twins' sick horse healed?

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