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Katherine Dunn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Norval Sanderson?
(a) The new giant cat trainer.
(b) Oly's romantic interest.
(c) A journalist.
(d) The twins' piano teacher.

2. How does Oly react to the process of Dr. Phyllis' mutilation?
(a) She laughs uncontrollably.
(b) She begins weeping.
(c) She has no reaction.
(d) She passes out.

3. In whom do the twins confide the truth of their new business?
(a) Oly.
(b) Arty.
(c) Lil.
(d) Chick.

4. Whose lengthy quotes are used to supplement information for the scrapbook collection of chapter 19?
(a) The Bag Man's.
(b) Oly's.
(c) Arty's.
(d) Chick's.

5. Who does Oly ask to take care of Crystal Lil?
(a) Miranda.
(b) Miss Lick.
(c) Jessica H.
(d) The nuns.

6. Aside from journal entries, what type of documentation is utilized in the scrapbook collection of chapter 19?
(a) Hospital charts.
(b) Newspaper clippings.
(c) Shopping receipts.
(d) Photographs.

7. What relationship does Jessica H think Miss Lick has with Oly?
(a) She thinks Oly is Miss Lick's girlfriend.
(b) She thinks Miss Lick is Oly's mother.
(c) She thinks Oly is one of Miss Lick's projects.
(d) She thinks Oly is Miss Lick's business partner.

8. What is Arty's impression of Norval Sanderson?
(a) He doesn't know who Norval is.
(b) He is apathetic toward Norval.
(c) He loathes Norval.
(d) He enjoys Norval.

9. Who does the twins' pimp threaten to tell about their business?
(a) Oly.
(b) Chick.
(c) Arty.
(d) The Binewski parents.

10. How does Oly open Miss Lick's locker?
(a) She uses a sledgehammer.
(b) She forces Miss Lick to use her key.
(c) She crowbars it open.
(d) She knows the combination.

11. What is Norval Sanderson's favorite act in the circus?
(a) The Flea on a String.
(b) The Fly Roper.
(c) The Termite Cowboy.
(d) The Earthworm Ophthalmologist.

12. How did Norval Sanderson actually lose this body part?
(a) He cut it off.
(b) It fell off, diseased.
(c) An animal bit it off.
(d) He lost it in a landmine.

13. Who does Oly see as being the first real friend she ever had?
(a) Chick.
(b) Arty.
(c) Miss Lick.
(d) Lil.

14. Why was the Bag Man released from jail?
(a) He completed his sentence.
(b) Because of budget cuts.
(c) Because of good behavior.
(d) He was exonerated of all charges.

15. Who spends a large amount of time spying on the twins?
(a) The Bag Man.
(b) Arty.
(c) Norval Sanderson.
(d) Horst the Cat Man

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Iphy name the new baby?

2. Who does Chick help become pregnant?

3. How old are the twins when they move into their own van?

4. Whose decision is it to send Miranda to the convent?

5. Where will Miranda be staying after her surgery?

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