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Katherine Dunn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the family measure the value of the children?
(a) By the amount of chores they can perform at home.
(b) By how affectionate they are with their siblings.
(c) By their ticket sales.
(d) By their grade point average.

2. What is Miranda's birth defect?
(a) She was born with a tail.
(b) She has no birth defect.
(c) She has telekenetic powers.
(d) She is an albino hunchback.

3. How does Arty imply that Leona dies?
(a) She was poisoned.
(b) She drown.
(c) He killed her.
(d) She was eaten by the giant cats.

4. Who cleans the Chute?
(a) The Binewski sons.
(b) The Binewski daughters.
(c) Miss Lick.
(d) Crystal Lil.

5. What is surprising to Oly about Miranda?
(a) That she seems normal.
(b) That she doesn't seem to have any talent.
(c) That she is unattractive.
(d) That she is so shy.

6. How are the children treated by the doctors at the hospital?
(a) The doctors handle them as though they are fragile.
(b) The doctors handle them with reverence.
(c) The doctors handle them roughly.
(d) The doctors treat them normally.

7. How old is Chick when he begins working for the circus?
(a) Three years old.
(b) Ten years old.
(c) Six months old.
(d) Thirteen years old.

8. What happens when Chick is hungry and Lil does not come to feed him?
(a) Chick becomes malnourished.
(b) Chick moves Lil closer to him with his mind.
(c) Chick screams until she comes.
(d) Chick makes himself invisible.

9. Who comes with Al to remove the children from the hospital?
(a) Vern Bogner.
(b) Horst, the Cat Man.
(c) Miss Lick.
(d) Crystal Lil.

10. What body part is Zephr McGurk missing?
(a) His arms.
(b) He is not missing body parts.
(c) His face.
(d) His legs.

11. How does Chick react to the task that Arty makes him perform?
(a) He vomits.
(b) He cries.
(c) He laughs.
(d) He ignores it.

12. What is Arty's birth defect?
(a) He is an albino hunchback.
(b) He has no birth defect.
(c) He has flippers instead of hands and feet.
(d) He was born with a tail.

13. Which name does Iphy say in her sleep, infuriating Elly?
(a) Chick.
(b) Arty.
(c) Vern Bogner.
(d) Horst.

14. Who is Miranda?
(a) The landlord of Oly's tenement building.
(b) An old friend of Crystal Lil.
(c) A young woman who lives in Oly's tenement building.
(d) A homeless youth on the street outside Oly's tenement building.

15. Why doesn't Oly tell her mother who she is?
(a) Oly doesn't know that Crystal Lil is her mother.
(b) Oly plans on telling her mother but has never had the opportunity.
(c) Oly is afraid that her mother will not recognize her.
(d) Oly believes her mother has chosen to forget her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Lil and Al obtain their freakish children?

2. What is the Geek's job in the circus?

3. What is Miranda's job at this establishment?

4. What does Oly keep in the chest hidden in her apartment?

5. What is on display in the Chute?

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