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Katherine Dunn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Chick when he begins working for the circus?
(a) Thirteen years old.
(b) Three years old.
(c) Six months old.
(d) Ten years old.

2. Who hires Dr. Phyllis to stay on full time?
(a) Chick.
(b) Arty.
(c) Al.
(d) Oly.

3. How does Arty make Oly feel in relation to the family?
(a) That she is the most freakish.
(b) That she is the most valuable child.
(c) That she is the glue holding the family together.
(d) That she isn't as desirable as the rest of the children.

4. How does Arty imply that Leona dies?
(a) She drown.
(b) She was eaten by the giant cats.
(c) She was poisoned.
(d) He killed her.

5. How does Chick react to circus life?
(a) He despises being part of a freak show.
(b) He is constantly tired.
(c) He is nervous that he cannot perform to the caliber of his siblings.
(d) He is bouncing off the walls with excitement.

6. Who comes with Al to remove the children from the hospital?
(a) Vern Bogner.
(b) Crystal Lil.
(c) Horst, the Cat Man.
(d) Miss Lick.

7. How does the family measure the value of the children?
(a) By their ticket sales.
(b) By their grade point average.
(c) By how affectionate they are with their siblings.
(d) By the amount of chores they can perform at home.

8. What does Arty begin predicting in his act in an attempt to draw larger crowds?
(a) Lottery numbers.
(b) Weather.
(c) The end of the world.
(d) Futures.

9. Who performed the surgery on Dr. Phyllis' abdomen to remove what she believe was implanted there?
(a) Arty.
(b) Al Binewski.
(c) Her roommate.
(d) She performed the surgery on herself.

10. What do the twins experience for the first time on their 14th birthday?
(a) Their first menstrual cycle.
(b) Their first seizure.
(c) Their first kiss.
(d) Their first vision.

11. How does Chick react to the task that Arty makes him perform?
(a) He ignores it.
(b) He vomits.
(c) He cries.
(d) He laughs.

12. What is Elly's birth defect?
(a) She was born with a tail.
(b) She has no birth defect.
(c) She is a Siamese twin.
(d) She has flippers instead of hands and feet.

13. Why does Crystal Lil take the children into town?
(a) To purchase material for new costumes.
(b) To have them checked out by the town physician.
(c) To interview applicants for the circus.
(d) To treat them to a meal at a restaurant.

14. What sport does Oly take up in order to get closer to Miss Lick?
(a) Softball.
(b) Badminton.
(c) Wrestling.
(d) Swimming.

15. What body part is Zephr McGurk missing?
(a) His legs.
(b) He is not missing body parts.
(c) His face.
(d) His arms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the followers of the new religion called?

2. What does Lillian say is the greatest gift a parent can give to their children?

3. Why doesn't Oly tell her mother who she is?

4. What does Miss Lick desire to do with attractive women?

5. What is Vern Bogner's emotional state when he arrives at the shopping station?

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