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Katherine Dunn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Arty ask Chick to make for him, knowing that it will be a difficult task for Chick to complete?
(a) A roast beef sandwich.
(b) An origami hat.
(c) A hand-sewn circus tent.
(d) A sculpture honoring Arty's superiority.

2. What does Oly decide must happen with Miss Lick?
(a) She must kill Miss Lick.
(b) She must mutliate Miss Lick.
(c) She must go into business with Miss Lick.
(d) She must date Miss Lick.

3. What do Al and Lil believe about their children?
(a) That the ones born "normal" bring them equal joy.
(b) That the more freakish they are, the more valuable.
(c) That they hope they will one day live normal lives.
(d) That the more freakish they are, the less valuable.

4. What sport does Oly take up in order to get closer to Miss Lick?
(a) Softball.
(b) Wrestling.
(c) Swimming.
(d) Badminton.

5. What is the name of the establishment where Miranda works?
(a) The Glass House.
(b) The Dark Horse.
(c) The Slippery Rock.
(d) The Paper Castle.

6. What job does Zephr McGurk take on in order to stay close to Arty?
(a) Electrician.
(b) Physician.
(c) Tutor.
(d) Plumber.

7. Who is Miranda?
(a) An old friend of Crystal Lil.
(b) The landlord of Oly's tenement building.
(c) A young woman who lives in Oly's tenement building.
(d) A homeless youth on the street outside Oly's tenement building.

8. How does Arty imply that Leona dies?
(a) She was poisoned.
(b) She drown.
(c) He killed her.
(d) She was eaten by the giant cats.

9. What is Oly's birth defect?
(a) She is a Siamese twin.
(b) She is an albino hunchback.
(c) She has flippers instead of hands and feet.
(d) She has no birth defect.

10. Why was Oly considered a disappointment when she is first born?
(a) Because it was only obvious at birth that she was a dwarf.
(b) Because it was only obvious at birth that she was an albino.
(c) Because she was born a freak.
(d) Because she was born completely healthy.

11. What is the name of the new religion introduced in the middle of the novel?
(a) Binewskism.
(b) Arturism.
(c) Freakism.
(d) Geekism.

12. What is Arty's birth defect?
(a) He has no birth defect.
(b) He was born with a tail.
(c) He has flippers instead of hands and feet.
(d) He is an albino hunchback.

13. Which family member does the adult Oly live with?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Her father.
(c) Her brother.
(d) Her sister.

14. Who comes with Al to remove the children from the hospital?
(a) Miss Lick.
(b) Vern Bogner.
(c) Horst, the Cat Man.
(d) Crystal Lil.

15. What do Oly and Miss Lick watch together?
(a) Sporting events.
(b) Soap operas.
(c) Home videos.
(d) Political debates.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Oly realize Arty is having with "norm" girls?

2. What is surprising to Oly about Miranda?

3. What does Arty begin predicting in his act in an attempt to draw larger crowds?

4. Why does Crystal Lil take the children into town?

5. What is Vern Bogner's emotional state when he arrives at the shopping station?

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