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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Toffler say can we prevent future shock?

2. What industry does Toffler cite as an example of Americans' choices?

3. What organizations does Toffler cite as an example of an organization that mitigates future shock?

4. What would one benefit of government involvement in change management be?

5. What does change affect in a person's psychology?

Short Essay Questions

1. What will planners need to have in order to make an education system that prepares people for the future?

2. How is super-industrialism affecting the segmentation of the population?

3. What will the consequence be if new technologies are not controlled?

4. How will education have to change to meet the future?

5. How does Toffler say victims of future shock deal with their situation?

6. How would Toffler design curricula for the future education system?

7. What purpose do subcults serve?

8. Who should investigate the effects of new technologies on society?

9. What did Holmes and Rahe find in their study?

10. Why can't the system police itself with regard to new technologies?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is Toffler's relationship with Marxist thought and the inequality that drives capitalist society? Is he blind to economic culture? How does he account for the differences between social classes?

Essay Topic 2

How new is the concept of future shock, and is it unique to our time? Weren't people 2,500 years ago experiencing future shock as the transition to agriculture was made? Weren't people 250 years ago experiencing future shock when the transition to industrialism was made? What makes the 1970s different and unique?

Essay Topic 3

What do the terms Toffler coins tell us about the kind of book Future Shock is? Is it scientific? Psychological? Literary? Critical? What kinds of fields does Toffler echo in his neologisms?

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