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Short Answer Questions

1. In what field have some countries tried to move away from giving people free choices?

2. What effect does Toffler say technology will have on education in the future?

3. How will new technologies help people, in Toffler's opinion?

4. What is the method people use to cope with future shock?

5. What does Toffler say is the consequence of too much change?

Short Essay Questions

1. What purpose do subcults serve?

2. How will morals change in a super-industrial culture?

3. What is the role of the lifestyle in super-industrial culture?

4. What does Toffler say people need to do in order to deal with the coming future?

5. What will the place of enclaves be in future society?

6. How will education have to change to meet the future?

7. How can future shock be prevented?

8. How does change affect people's health?

9. How does Toffler describe the successful adaptation to change?

10. What is the danger of change in a super-industrial culture?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How realistic are Toffler's suggestions for mitigating change in culture? How would you characterize his solutions? What do they say about his values? What options does he consider? What options does he not consider? What do they say about his analysis and his priorities? What are the benefits of Toffler's perspective? What are the limitations?

Essay Topic 2

How new is the concept of future shock, and is it unique to our time? Weren't people 2,500 years ago experiencing future shock as the transition to agriculture was made? Weren't people 250 years ago experiencing future shock when the transition to industrialism was made? What makes the 1970s different and unique?

Essay Topic 3

What do the terms Toffler coins tell us about the kind of book Future Shock is? Is it scientific? Psychological? Literary? Critical? What kinds of fields does Toffler echo in his neologisms?

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