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Short Answer Questions

1. What ability is compromised by too much change?

2. How can social change be mitigated?

3. What does Toffler say is the problem with technocrats?

4. What development will affect how we experience choice in our democracy?

5. What does Toffler call modern people who live in tropical climates?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does an individual need to do to prepare for the future and avoid future shock?

2. What physical systems does Toffler associate with illness from change?

3. What does Toffler say the future will bring for individuals?

4. How does change affect people's health?

5. What will the place of enclaves be in future society?

6. What will planners need to have in order to make an education system that prepares people for the future?

7. How would Toffler design curricula for the future education system?

8. What did Holmes and Rahe find in their study?

9. What is the danger of change in a super-industrial culture?

10. What is entailed in changing a lifestyle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Is Toffler a pessimist or a realist? Is it possible to call him an optimist, insofar as he diagnoses a problem and prescribes a course of action for treating it?

Essay Topic 2

What is "the tradition" Toffler refers to? Pre-industrial Europe? Medieval Europe? Pre-contact North America? Greece and Rome? When were things simpler, and when does Toffler say they changed? What brought about the change?

Essay Topic 3

How would you characterize Toffler's views in terms of our contemporary political dialogue? Which parties would Toffler be most sympathetic with, based on the ideas in Future Shock? What kind of political policies could Future Shock be used to support?

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