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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What needs to change as people adapt to future culture?
(a) People's sense of how much work things require.
(b) People's sense of how long things take.
(c) People's sense of their relations.
(d) People's sense of what things cost.

2. With whom does a person have medium-term relationships, according to Toffler?
(a) Barbers.
(b) Neighbors.
(c) Family.
(d) Clerks.

3. What do deeper relationships involve, in Toffler's account?
(a) Interactions with many aspects of a person's personality.
(b) Shared spiritual experience.
(c) Genetic similarity.
(d) Initiation rituals.

4. What kind of lifestyle does Toffler say is characterized by frequent moves?
(a) Middle-class lifestyle.
(b) Manual laborer lifestyle.
(c) Illegal immigrant lifestyle.
(d) Corporate lifestyle.

5. What is the consequence of people relocating their homes more often in super-industrial culture?
(a) People are happier when they can find the right place.
(b) People become super territorial over their possessions.
(c) People stimulate the economy every time they move.
(d) People fear attachment to any one place.

Short Answer Questions

1. What feeling results from the development of Toffler's future culture?

2. Which relationship is not one of the relationships Toffler describes as comprising social experience?

3. What caused migrations in Europe, in Toffler's account?

4. Where do people typically migrate, in America?

5. What will changes in agriculture mean for the future Toffler foresees?

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