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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Toffler propose in order to institute his plan to protect against future shock?
(a) A party of revolutionaries to overthrow technological workers.
(b) A political party for restricting technological research.
(c) A public agency to review new technology.
(d) A government based on wisdom and ancient principles.

2. What power does society have, to resist advancements?
(a) To speak out against the changes.
(b) To bear arms against oppressors.
(c) To block new technologies.
(d) To revolt against the government.

3. What is the benefit of cultural transience to manufacturers?
(a) Shorter product lives increase sales.
(b) Longer product lives build customer loyalty.
(c) Shorter product lives decrease the cost of materials.
(d) Fewer traditions makes for less loyal customers.

4. How do people experience their moral values, in Toffler's future?
(a) As mystical laws.
(b) As directives.
(c) As temporary values.
(d) As legal obligations.

5. What kind of loyalty are the new kinds of organizations based on?
(a) Loyalty to the business.
(b) Loyalty to the boss.
(c) Loyalty to the profession.
(d) Loyalty to the nation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What techniques had Japan pioneered at the time of Toffler's writing?

2. What does Toffler call the worker in the new organization?

3. How will new technologies help people, in Toffler's opinion?

4. What can people develop to mitigate future shock?

5. With whom do modern people have to identify?

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