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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Toffler describe the "modular man's" relationships?
(a) They are optimized for efficiency.
(b) They are replicable from one place to another.
(c) They are interchangeable based on roles.
(d) They are limited to specific roles.

2. What is happening to the bureaucracy, in Toffler's account?
(a) It is institutionalizing inefficiency.
(b) It is creating unhappiness.
(c) It is breaking down.
(d) It is choking off progress.

3. How does Toffler see organizations in the future?
(a) As something that turns men into cogs.
(b) As a new class of citizens.
(c) As the apotheosis for individuality.
(d) As the salvation of the masses.

4. How do the social experiences Toffler defines register the development of culture?
(a) They are prevented from following their traditional development.
(b) They are shunted aside as people spend time in individual pursuits.
(c) They are delayed in time.
(d) They are compressed in time, accelerated.

5. What line will industries blur in the future, according to Toffler?
(a) Between public and private.
(b) Between expenses and deductions.
(c) Between reality and illusion.
(d) Between revenue and profit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will lead to divorce in the society of the future?

2. What characterizes relationships in big cities, in Tommo's opinion?

3. What is the consequence of the faster pace of things, in Toffler's account?

4. What is NOT a characteristic of the bureaucracy?

5. What does Toffler use as an example of companies of the future?

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