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Make a checklist of the changes Toffler predicted. How many of them have come true? How many have not? Can social phenomena be explained by other factors than he describes?


Make a timeline of the changes that have taken place from Toffler's time to ours. How have things changed? Industries, technologies, weapons, tools, techniques, vocabularies?

Adaptive skits

Write and perform short skits that interprets or dramatizes aspects of Future Shock.

Narratives of change

Tell a story of future shock about someone who is overwhelmed by a particular set of changes.

Short stories

Write a short story in which future shocks appears.

Marketing Future Shock

If you were a promotion assistant at Bantam Press, how would you promote Future Shock? What avenues would you use? What strategies?

Editing Future Shock

If you were an editorial assistant at Bantam Press, asking Toffler for revisions or rewrites or a...

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