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Essay Topic 1

What do the terms Toffler coins tell us about the kind of book Future Shock is? Is it scientific? Psychological? Literary? Critical? What kinds of fields does Toffler echo in his neologisms?

Essay Topic 2

How many of Toffler's predictions have been borne out in the forty years since he wrote Future Shock? Where was he accurate? Where was he inaccurate? What other factors could have created the same phenomena he describes?

Essay Topic 3

Is Toffler a pessimist or a realist? Is it possible to call him an optimist, insofar as he diagnoses a problem and prescribes a course of action for treating it?

Essay Topic 4

What is this kind of book supposed to do, if anything? Is it merely supposed to sell copies? What should this book be used for? By whom? What are the limitations to a book like Toffler's?

Essay Topic 5

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