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Short Answer Questions

1. When Rides-at-the-door returns from the council meeting, does the camp agree with the demands of the Napikwans?

2. When the leaders of the Pikunis meet to discuss the Napikwan healer's warning and recommendations in Chapter 28, what do they decide to do?

3. Why does Mik-api feel his recurrent dream is incomplete?

4. When Yellow Kidney leaves, what does he hope for his wife?

5. What is the white scab disease?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Fools Crow help Red Paint's youngest brother conquer his fears and nightmares about the rabid wolf who bit him?

2. Describe what Fools Crow sees or does not see in the water of the place he is lead to in his dream.

3. What happens when Owl Child spots whiskey runners?

4. What is the significance of the thrashing wings that Fools Crow hears when he wakes in the woman's dwelling?

5. What does Fast Horse find in the war lodge while Owl Child stays with the horses, and how does he know who it is?

6. How is Yellow Kidney's body delivered back to his people?

7. What happens after killing the whiskey runners that shows that Fast Horse may be changing and becoming concerned for his people after all?

8. Describe who the man is that Fast Horse wants to kill.

9. A white healer comes to the Lone Eaters' camp to warn of the smallpox. Why would the Pikunis believe anything a white man has to say?

10. How does the author introduce hope into the devastation that has forced the Lone Eaters to begin the journey toward the Sand Hills that gives this book its bitter-sweet ending?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the phrase, "the price of freedom" as it would relate to the story of Fools Crow. Who is free in this story? Who is not free? Who is losing freedom? What are the Pikunis willing to do to preserve their freedom? What are the Napikwans willing to do to preserve their freedom?

Essay Topic 2

Fast Horse did not choose to follow the path of the Beaver Medicine. Fools Crow did not become bitter with the Napikwan and want to follow Owl Child. How do you think the story would have been different if Fast Horse was the protagonist who stayed with the Lone Eaters, and Fools Crow were the antagonist who challenged him?

Essay Topic 3

Write a five-paragraph essay on what you think the Lone Eaters should have done about the Napikwan demands and the threat of smallpox.

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