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Short Answer Questions

1. What goes wrong with Fools Crow's plan to expose the white hunter?

2. What new name does White Man's Dog receive after receiving war honors from his participation in a horse raid?

3. What happens when White Man's Dog tries to talk to Fast Horse about the possibility that Cold Maker could be holding Yellow Kidney until Fast Horse fulfills his vow?

4. What does Fast Horse like and respect about Owl Child?

5. Why does White Man's Dog blame himself for Yellow Kidney's disfigurement?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are Running Fisher and Rides-at-the-door, and what disturbing news do they bring the others in Chapter 9?

2. When White Man's Dog marries Red Paint, her father, Yellow Kidney, gives White Man's Dog his many-shots-gun as a wedding present. Why is this particularly significant to White Man's Dog?

3. Where does Fast Horse decide to go upon his recovery, and why?

4. Why do White Man's Dog and Fast Horse plan to build a sweat lodge?

5. Describe Fast Horse as he in introduced in the first two chapters of this book.

6. Fools Crow does not want to kill a white man as Raven asks, but is finally convinced to comply for what reason?

7. What troubling dream does Eagle Ribs relate to the raiding party as they wait for Fast Horse and Yellow Kidney to catch up?

8. What factors concern Red Paint that cause her to plead with White Man's dog not to go with the war party, and how does White Man's Dog respond?

9. Why is White Man's Dog uncomfortable with his new name, Fools Crow?

10. What techniques does the author use to introduce the reader to the Pikuni culture?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about how each of these conflict types are represented in the novel, Fools Crow. Does one of these emerge as the main conflict of the story, or are they all of equal importance?

a) Man vs. Man: he struggles against another person or group of people (usually against the antagonist, but not always).

b) Man vs. Self: two elements within himself struggle for mastery.

c) Man vs. Society: he struggles against society as a force, society being the rules, regulations, morals and/or beliefs common to a particular people.

d) Man vs. Nature: he struggles against forces of nature, such as storms, wind, fire, cold, heat, etc.

e) Man vs. Machine: he struggles against machines.

Essay Topic 2

A minor theme of betrayal was also intertwined in this novel. What constitutes betrayal, and how is this portrayed in Fools Crow? In what ways do the Pikunis as a people feel betrayed? In what ways do individual characters in the story feel betrayed? Was there or can there be any restitution for betrayal?

Essay Topic 3

Explore the theme of relationships within the context of the novel, Fools Crow. How did the relationship between Fools Crow and Fast Horse develop and change? How did the relationship between Yellow Kidney and his family develop and change? How did the relationship between the Napikwan and the Pikunis develop and change?

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