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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why won't the power help him now?
(a) The power left him because he lost confidence.
(b) He has not done the proper ceremonies and dances.
(c) Cold Maker took his power because Fast Horse never made good on his promises.
(d) It cannot cure the white scab disease or rid them of the Napikwans.

2. What are "whiskey runners"?
(a) Like pony express riders for the mail, these riders transported whiskey across the country quickly.
(b) A cloth that covers the middle of a table on which whiskey and other alchoholic bottles were lined up for display or sale.
(c) A type of sled runner made from a curved portion of a whiskey barrel.
(d) Bands of Napikwan who transport illegal whiskey.

3. When the leaders of the Pikunis meet to discuss the Napikwan healer's warning and recommendations in Chapter 28, what do they decide to do?
(a) They cannot come to an agreement, so they are at an impasse.
(b) They will travel north to get away from the infected area.
(c) They will turn away all strangers to protect their own.
(d) They will ask the Napikwans for blankets and medicine.

4. What is the white scab disease?
(a) Smallpox.
(b) Chickenpox.
(c) Measles.
(d) Leprosy.

5. Who returns to the Lone Eaters the night of the first death from the white scabs disease?
(a) Fast Horse.
(b) Yellow Kidney.
(c) Fools Crow.
(d) Running Fisher.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose gossip does Heavy Shield Woman look forward to hearing?

2. To what does Yellow Kidney liken his life to?

3. Where does Kills-close-to-the-lake go when she slips out of her mother's dinner gathering?

4. How should Fools Crow dress for this trip, according to Nitsokan?

5. Which of the Napikwan demands do the Pikuni promise to cooperate with?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Fools Crow thinking and feeling as he looks at the scalp of Bull Shied?

2. What does Fast Horse suggest Fools Crow tell his father when he returns to the Lone Eater Camp?

3. What is strange and incomplete about the dream Mik-api has for three nights that confuses him?

4. What does Fast Horse find in the war lodge while Owl Child stays with the horses, and how does he know who it is?

5. How are Running Fisher and Kills-close-to-the-lake related and what is their current relationship?

6. How is Yellow Kidney's body delivered back to his people?

7. When the Pikunis chiefs meet for council, what do they decide to do about the white healer's warning and the seizers' demands?

8. How does Fools Crow discover the new land in his dream during his seven-day journey?

9. What do the Pikunis ask of the seizers when told of the spread of small pox, and what do the seizers reply?

10. Even though the Lone Eaters trust this white healer, why don't they agree to follow his advice?

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