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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why won't the power help him now?
(a) It cannot cure the white scab disease or rid them of the Napikwans.
(b) The power left him because he lost confidence.
(c) He has not done the proper ceremonies and dances.
(d) Cold Maker took his power because Fast Horse never made good on his promises.

2. Who does Three Bears want representing the Lone Eaters at the meeting with the seizer chiefs?
(a) Rides-at-the-door.
(b) Fools Crow.
(c) Three Bears wants to represent the Lone Eaters himself .
(d) Yellow Kidney.

3. At dusk on the third day, where does Fast Horse find himself?
(a) He is lost in the hills.
(b) He arrives at a Pikunis camp at the edge of a lake.
(c) He arrives at the deserted war lodge.
(d) He arrives at a small Napikwan dwelling in a canyon.

4. Why is Heavy Shield Woman angry with Fools Crow?
(a) She feels he is risking his life for Fast Horse.
(b) She disagrees with his arrogant and self-serving attitude.
(c) She is tired of him asking for a many-shots-gun.
(d) She caught Fools Crow looking at Kills-close-to-the-lake.

5. How long a trip does Nitsokan tell Fools Crow he needs to take?
(a) A seven-day journey.
(b) A seven-month journey.
(c) A three-month journey.
(d) A three-day journey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What or who is a "seizer chief?"

2. What is the white scab disease?

3. What happens to the designs painted on the skin by the woman that Fools Crow now realizes is the legendary So-at sa-ki, Feather Woman, after she leaves the scroll by Fools Crow?

4. What are "whiskey runners"?

5. What does Fast Horse find there?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Fast Horse return to the Lone Eaters himself?

2. Why is Fools Crow's mother angry with him as she fixes food for her guests?

3. Describe what Fools Crow sees or does not see in the water of the place he is lead to in his dream.

4. How is Yellow Kidney's body delivered back to his people?

5. How does Fools Crow discover the new land in his dream during his seven-day journey?

6. What do the Pikunis ask of the seizers when told of the spread of small pox, and what do the seizers reply?

7. How does the author introduce hope into the devastation that has forced the Lone Eaters to begin the journey toward the Sand Hills that gives this book its bitter-sweet ending?

8. How does Fools Crow help Red Paint's youngest brother conquer his fears and nightmares about the rabid wolf who bit him?

9. Describe the devastation in the Lone Eaters camp after thirteen days of the small pox disease.

10. What are the three demands the seizers make of the Pikunis when they meet with General Sully?

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