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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 13, who arrives at the Lone Eaters' camp?
(a) The seizers, wearing war paint.
(b) The seizers, wearing blue uniforms.
(c) Owl Child and Fast Horse.
(d) Members of Bull Shield's camp, wearing blue uniforms.

2. Does Fools Crow tell the Lone Eater Camp what he did to the Napikwan?
(a) No, he is too ashamed to admit what he did to the Napikwan hunter.
(b) Yes, he tells them that due to the instructions of the Raven in his dream, he has killed a Napikwan hunter.
(c) Yes, but he does not tell the whole story of the Napikwan hunter.
(d) No, because Raven told him to keep secret what he had to do to the Napikwan hunter.

3. What goes wrong with Fools Crow's plan to expose the white hunter?
(a) Fools Crow panics over Red Paint's safety and gets shot himself.
(b) The hunter shoots Red Paint.
(c) The hunter does not take the bait and does not appear.
(d) The hunter sees Fools Crow first, shoots him and escapes.

4. What reward will the Raven bestow on White Man's Dog if he releases the wolverine?
(a) Raven will give White Man's Dog a power dream.
(b) Raven will make White Man's Dog brave and strong.
(c) Raven will teach White Man's Dog alone to use the wolverine's magic power.
(d) Raven will return Yellow Kidney to the tribe.

5. What attributes does White Man's Dog hope to gain by painting his body with yellow pigment?
(a) He hopes to gain power and wealth.
(b) He hopes to gain an advantage over his friend, Fast Horse.
(c) He hopes to gain strength and cunning.
(d) He hopes to gain speed and endurance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What structure does White Man's Dog enter in his dream?

2. What does White Man's Dog sing as he rides into Bull Shield's camp?

3. Where did Yellow Kidney hide that was a fulfillment of White Man's Dog's dream?

4. What lone rider goes to Fools Crow at the beginning of Chapter 16, and what injury does he suffer?

5. Who or what is the Pikunis?

Short Essay Questions

1. What factors concern Red Paint that cause her to plead with White Man's dog not to go with the war party, and how does White Man's Dog respond?

2. In Mik-api's dream, what will Raven give to White Man's Dog if he finds and releases the wolverine caught in the Napikwan trap?

3. How does White Man's Dog manage to kill Bull Shield?

4. How does the war party react to the solar eclipse on the fourth day out?

5. What is the purpose of the war party?

6. Describe White Man's Dog's recurring dream in Chapter 3.

7. White Man's Dog was not with Yellow Kidney in the heart of the Crow camp, so why does he feel responsible for Yellow Kidney's capture and mutilation?

8. Describe Fast Horse as he in introduced in the first two chapters of this book.

9. Boss Ribs asks Fools Crow what changed his son. What does Fools Crow tell him?

10. Describe Yellow Kidney's return to the Lone Eater's camp.

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