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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time of day does Fools Crow choose to ride to the ranch house?
(a) In the morning.
(b) At dusk.
(c) At noon.
(d) At night, after the moon has risen.

2. What or who is a "seizer chief?"
(a) White men who represent the Napikwan government.
(b) A renegade Indian who abducts Napikwans.
(c) An amulet imbued with the power to control the enemy's mind.
(d) A dream character who "seizes" Pikunis souls.

3. What does Fast Horse do when he and Owl Child arrive at the war lodge?
(a) He sings his death song.
(b) He stays with the horses.
(c) He sets fire to the war lodge.
(d) He goes inside alone.

4. When Yellow Kidney leaves, what does he hope for his wife?
(a) He hopes that Boss Ribs will take her as a second wife.
(b) He hopes that she will miss him.
(c) He hopes she will be happy.
(d) He hopes that Fools Crow will take care of her.

5. Who is in charge of Indian Policy for the Napikwan government?
(a) General Sully.
(b) Robert Grant.
(c) President McKinley.
(d) General Custer.

6. How do the Pikuni leaders feel about meeting with the seizer chiefs?
(a) They are against meeting with the seizer chiefs.
(b) They want to fast and meditate on this idea before making a decision.
(c) They are eager to meet and resolve issues so that the killing will stop.
(d) They are cautious and fear it could be a trap.

7. What has happened to Red Paint's youngest brother, One Spot, in Chapter 23?
(a) He is bitten by a wolf.
(b) He has stepped into a wolf trap.
(c) He had a power dream about a wolf.
(d) He gained honor and status by killing a wolf.

8. What does the land that Fools Crow sees in his dream look like?
(a) It is mountainous with a river running through it.
(b) It is beautiful and full of game and lush plants.
(c) It is beautiful, but there is no life in it. The water has a sandy bottom with no plants, rocks or debris.
(d) It is a desolate wasteland with no water, plants, rocks or debris.

9. What does Fast Horse do at the ranch?
(a) Scalps the white man who injured him and regrets that he died too fast.
(b) Stole the white man's children.
(c) Raped the white man's wife.
(d) Tortures the white man who injured him for three days before scalping him.

10. What does the white man with the pack horses see at the war lodge?
(a) He sees the war lodge is on fire.
(b) He sees a pack of wolves scavenging on something.
(c) He sees a horse tied outside.
(d) He sees smoke coming out of the chimney.

11. In his next dream, what does a dog show Fools Crow?
(a) He shows Fools Crow a hidden cave where he is to take shelter.
(b) The dog shows Fools Crow how to get around a boulder that blocks the canyon by slipping under and through a bush.
(c) He shows Fools Crow the boulder that blocks Cold Maker's stream at last.
(d) He shows Fools Crow the future of his wife and child.

12. How does the finding of Yellow Kidney further develop the theme of loss and change?
(a) The discovery that Yellow Kidney is dead (loss) will mean the Lone Eaters will have to adjust to life without him (change).
(b) Yellow Kidney's fingers represent loss, while his death represents change.
(c) Although Fast Horse no longer follows the ways of the Pikuni (loss), honor is rekindled as he admits his responsiblity (positive change).
(d) The finding of Yellow Kidney is not a good example of loss and change.

13. What is on the travois that the Lone Eater day rider finds?
(a) Fast Horse who has the white scab disease.
(b) Yellow Kidney's remains.
(c) Fools Crow who is asleep as if drugged.
(d) Owl Child who is shot and dying.

14. Where does Kills-close-to-the-lake go when she slips out of her mother's dinner gathering?
(a) She follows Fools Crow to find Fast Horse.
(b) She goes to Running Fisher's lodge.
(c) She goes to the lake to fish.
(d) She goes to visit Heavy Shield Woman.

15. Whose gossip does Heavy Shield Woman look forward to hearing?
(a) Red Paint's gossip.
(b) White Grass Woman's gossip.
(c) Fast Horse's gossip.
(d) Kills-close-to-the-lake's gossip.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 4, how does the deserted war lodge get re-introduced into the story?

2. Who does Three Bears want representing the Lone Eaters at the meeting with the seizer chiefs?

3. How does Fast Horse identify the body?

4. How long a trip does Nitsokan tell Fools Crow he needs to take?

5. How do we know that Fast Horse is finally beginning to show some honor?

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