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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fast Horse do when he and Owl Child arrive at the war lodge?
(a) He goes inside alone.
(b) He sings his death song.
(c) He sets fire to the war lodge.
(d) He stays with the horses.

2. Even though One Spot follows Fools Crow's advice, he comes down with what disease?
(a) White Scab disease.
(b) Rabies.
(c) Small Pox.
(d) Measles.

3. In the final scene of the book, what are the children doing?
(a) The children are crying for their mothers.
(b) The children are playing in the rain.
(c) The children are starving.
(d) The children are sleeping.

4. What happens to the designs painted on the skin by the woman that Fools Crow now realizes is the legendary So-at sa-ki, Feather Woman, after she leaves the scroll by Fools Crow?
(a) The designs hum and vibrate.
(b) The designs on the skin come to life.
(c) The designs on the skin become brilliant with color.
(d) The designs on the skin disappear.

5. What is the woman in the garden doing?
(a) She is digging turnips.
(b) She is planting seeds.
(c) She is dancing.
(d) She is singing a song of mourning.

6. Which statement is true about Bull Shield's scalp in Chapter 28?
(a) Bull Shield's scalp represents a bygone era.
(b) Bull Shield's scalp is powerful medicine.
(c) Bull Shield's scalp represents desisive action.
(d) Bull Shields scalp has become shrunken and trivial.

7. What is the white scab disease?
(a) Chickenpox.
(b) Measles.
(c) Smallpox.
(d) Leprosy.

8. How long does Nitsokan challenge Fast Horse to travel without stopping?
(a) Three days and nights.
(b) 24 hours.
(c) From dawn the first day, through the night and until dusk the second day.
(d) Seven days and nights.

9. In Chapter 31, what does Fools Crow see the older woman in the doe skin doing?
(a) She is cooking food.
(b) She is singing with a bag of turnips from her garden.
(c) She is singing as she paints a design on a yellow skin.
(d) She is digging turnips with her digging stick and putting them in a sack.

10. What does Fast Horse trust his dream helper to do for his horse?
(a) He trusts his dream helper to give his horse speed.
(b) He trusts his dream helper to give his horse food.
(c) He trusts his dream helper to give his horse strength.
(d) He trusts his dream helper to give his horse water.

11. What does Fools Crow find when he rides to the ranch house?
(a) He finds the scalped dead man.
(b) He finds Fast Horse's many-shots-gun.
(c) He finds the weeping child.
(d) He finds the man and his wife hiding inside.

12. What does Fast Horse do at the ranch?
(a) Tortures the white man who injured him for three days before scalping him.
(b) Stole the white man's children.
(c) Scalps the white man who injured him and regrets that he died too fast.
(d) Raped the white man's wife.

13. What is Yellow Kidney thinking about when he is killed?
(a) He is thinking about how his life is like that of an old man.
(b) He is thinking of his wife.
(c) He is thinking about how to avoid being killed.
(d) He is thinking of his unborn grandson.

14. When the leaders of the Pikunis meet to discuss the Napikwan healer's warning and recommendations in Chapter 28, what do they decide to do?
(a) They will travel north to get away from the infected area.
(b) They will ask the Napikwans for blankets and medicine.
(c) They will turn away all strangers to protect their own.
(d) They cannot come to an agreement, so they are at an impasse.

15. Who visits the Lone Eaters' camp in Chapters 25-26?
(a) A delegate of the Napikwan seizers.
(b) Owl Child and Fast Horse.
(c) Yellow Kidney.
(d) Pretty-on-top and a Napikwan healer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Running Fisher do that is a betrayal of his father?

2. In his next dream, what does a dog show Fools Crow?

3. What does Fools Crow look at as he ponders the situation they are in with the Napikwans and the white scab disease?

4. What does the white man with the pack horses see at the war lodge?

5. After rejoining Owl Child and his band, what does Fast Horse tell them he wants?

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