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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 13, who arrives at the Lone Eaters' camp?
(a) Owl Child and Fast Horse.
(b) Members of Bull Shield's camp, wearing blue uniforms.
(c) The seizers, wearing blue uniforms.
(d) The seizers, wearing war paint.

2. What lone rider goes to Fools Crow at the beginning of Chapter 16, and what injury does he suffer?
(a) Owl Child, who has been tortured by the Napikwans.
(b) Fast Horse, who has been shot by the Napiwans.
(c) Owl Child, who has a badly burned hand and may lose his fingers.
(d) Fast Horse, who has fallen from his horse and has a head injury.

3. Why is Fool's Crow uncomfortable with his new name?
(a) Because he likes his old name and doesn't want a new one.
(b) Because the story of how Bull Shield was killed is exaggerated.
(c) Because no one will know who he is anymore.
(d) Because it is difficult to get used to being called a new name.

4. Why does Raven promise not to tell Fools Crow's secret?
(a) Fools Crow threatens to kill Raven if he does tell.
(b) It increases Pikunis power to believe one so strong walks among them.
(c) Red Paint begs Raven not to tell so Fools Crow will not be shamed.
(d) It is important to forget the past and focus on the present.

5. Fast Horse is a young brave who could best be described as follows:
(a) Someone who is always thinking of the future.
(b) Someone who is afraid of the Crow.
(c) Someone who brags and is full of self-importance.
(d) Someone who is kind and unassuming.

6. How does Red Paint's mother react when Red Paint tell her that she is pregnant?
(a) She hugs Red Paint and cries.
(b) She is worried that Red Paint is too young to be with child.
(c) She tells Red Paint that she must keep this a secret until after the war party returns.
(d) She runs out to tell the rest of the camp.

7. What happens when White Man's Dog tries to talk to Fast Horse about the possibility that Cold Maker could be holding Yellow Kidney until Fast Horse fulfills his vow?
(a) Cold Maker appears and tells White Man's Dog to mind his own dreams.
(b) Fast Horse becomes angry.
(c) Fast Horse thinks this is possible and promises to find a way to fulfill his vow.
(d) Fast Horse shows remorse.

8. How does Red Paint feel about her husband going to war with the war party?
(a) She is confident that he will bring honor to the family.
(b) She is scared and does not want him to go.
(c) She is nervous, but proud that he is going.
(d) She wants him to go so he can get revenge for Yellow Kidney's mutilation.

9. What is it about White Man's Dog that Yellow Kidney likes in spite of his unlucky reputation?
(a) White Man's Dog is wise beyond his years.
(b) White Man's Dog projects a steadiness and calmness.
(c) White Man's Dog always does what he is told.
(d) White Man's Dog is an entertaining traveling companion.

10. Which dream vision best foretells the encroachment of the white man, the over-killing of animals by the white man, and the urgent need to take action?
(a) White Man's Dog's dream of the white-faced girl.
(b) White Man's Dog's dream of the Pikunis losing their fingers.
(c) Kills-close-to-the-lakes's dream of wolverine biting her finger.
(d) White Man's Dog's dream of the wolverine in the white empty land.

11. What brings Fast Horse esteem and a promising future?
(a) His ability to steal horses.
(b) His beaded vest.
(c) His cleansing in the sweat lodge ritual.
(d) His father's Beaver Medicine Bundle.

12. What does the author achieve by opening Chapter 3 from Yellow Kidney's point of view?
(a) The author achieves a mood shift for the reader.
(b) The author is able to reveal Yellow Kidney's dreams.
(c) The author prevents the reader from becoming bored.
(d) The reader is able to see some of the qualities and deficits in the two main characters.

13. What does Fast Horse vow to do to appease Cold Maker, whom they have offended?
(a) Fast Horse vows to kill the chief of the Crows.
(b) Fast Horse vows to find Yellow Kidney.
(c) Fast Horse vows to bring two robes for Cold Maker's daughters.
(d) Fast Horse vows to make Red Paint medicine woman.

14. Who is the main protagonist in this story around whose life this story revolves?
(a) Rides-at-the-Door.
(b) Mik-api.
(c) White Man's Dog.
(d) Fast Horse.

15. In Chapters 5 and 6, which of the following is NOT something the author has revealed to the reader about the Pikunis culture?
(a) That honor plays an important role in the Pikunis culture.
(b) That the Pikunis value craftiness.
(c) That the Pikunis believe that not acting or believing on a dream can change the direction of lives.
(d) That a Pikunis healer could be either a medicine man or a medicine woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What events make Red Paint question the fairness of fate?

2. How long does it take for the injured man to regain consciousness?

3. What color horse does Owl Child sit on?

4. What new dream does White Man's Dog have in Chapter 9 that foretells of loss and change that will make the Lone Eaters feel as useless as Yellow Kidney?

5. What concerns Rides-at-the-door regarding White Man's Dog's choice of a wife?

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