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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Heavy Shield Woman?
(a) Fast Horse's mother.
(b) Yellow Kidney's wife.
(c) Eagle Rib's daughter.
(d) White Man's Dog's sister.

2. Why is Fool's Crow uncomfortable with his new name?
(a) Because he likes his old name and doesn't want a new one.
(b) Because no one will know who he is anymore.
(c) Because the story of how Bull Shield was killed is exaggerated.
(d) Because it is difficult to get used to being called a new name.

3. After hearing Fools Crow's story, who first suggests that it is time to kill all the Napikwans?
(a) Red Paint.
(b) Young Bird Chief.
(c) Fast Horse.
(d) Rides-at-the-door.

4. How does Yellow Kidney return to the Lone Eaters?
(a) On a small white horse, very thin and missing his fingers.
(b) On a strong stallion with war trophies.
(c) On a small white horse under armed escort.
(d) On foot, sick and exhausted.

5. Why would the author use so much Native American terminology in this story?
(a) To create an atmosphere of mystery.
(b) To confuse the reader.
(c) To show how knowledgable the author is about Native Americans.
(d) To introduce the reader to the Native American culture.

6. What does White Man's Dog do for Yellow Kidney's lodge in his absence?
(a) He sits in the place of Yellow Kidney at meal time.
(b) He fixes the roof of Yellow Kidney's lodge.
(c) He hunts and leaves food at Yellow Kidney's lodge.
(d) He brings firewood to Yellow Kidney's lodge.

7. What losses do the Pikunis suffer as a result of the battle at Bull Shield's camp?
(a) Six dead, 13 missing and 7 severely wounded.
(b) None dead or missing and only 7 wounded.
(c) White Man's Dog and Fox Eyes are the only ones wounded.
(d) White Man's Dog and his father are the only survivors.

8. Who or what is the Napikwans?
(a) A band of renegades who hate the white man.
(b) A band of the Blackfeet tribe.
(c) A square of cloth.
(d) A name for the white man.

9. How does Red Paint's mother react when Red Paint tell her that she is pregnant?
(a) She hugs Red Paint and cries.
(b) She tells Red Paint that she must keep this a secret until after the war party returns.
(c) She is worried that Red Paint is too young to be with child.
(d) She runs out to tell the rest of the camp.

10. Why does White Man's Dog blame himself for Yellow Kidney's disfigurement?
(a) Because he should have returned and looked for Yellow Kidney.
(b) Because he did not go into the camp with Yellow Kidney.
(c) Because only he could have dreamed where Yellow Kidney was being held.
(d) Because if he had told his dream, they would have turned back.

11. What is it about White Man's Dog that Yellow Kidney likes in spite of his unlucky reputation?
(a) White Man's Dog always does what he is told.
(b) White Man's Dog projects a steadiness and calmness.
(c) White Man's Dog is wise beyond his years.
(d) White Man's Dog is an entertaining traveling companion.

12. Who is the main protagonist in this story around whose life this story revolves?
(a) Rides-at-the-Door.
(b) Mik-api.
(c) White Man's Dog.
(d) Fast Horse.

13. What concerns Rides-at-the-door regarding White Man's Dog's choice of a wife?
(a) He fears the woman will not be a good wife to White Man's Dog.
(b) White Man's Dog will lose position in the camp.
(c) He does not think White Man's Dog is ready to marry.
(d) White Man's Dog will be responsible for Yellow Kidney's entire family.

14. What reaction does White Man's Dog have to the battle as they ride away?
(a) He sings his victory song.
(b) He laughs and cheers with his companions.
(c) He cries.
(d) He vomits.

15. Who becomes Mik-api's apprentice in Chapter 6?
(a) Fast Horse.
(b) Yellow Kidney.
(c) White Man's Dog.
(d) Heavy Shield Woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does White Man's Dog deliver to the other Pikunis camps during his travels?

2. What new dream does White Man's Dog have in Chapter 9 that foretells of loss and change that will make the Lone Eaters feel as useless as Yellow Kidney?

3. How long does it take for the injured man to regain consciousness?

4. What does Bull Shield sing as he emerges from his tipi?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 13, how does Red Paint wake White Man's Dog?

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